The company

Kismet Srl was founded in 1977, and, for the first 20 years it has held its ground as a leading company on the international scene, in the field of study holidays, and cultural, language and sports camps. Hundreds of thousands of students have taken part in its projects.

The Company’s founder, and its current President and CEO, as well as creator of all the projects, Dott. h.c. in Business Economics. Paolo Alberti, who was also knighted Cavaliere and Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, and  “Messaggero UNICEF”.

Starting in 1998 Kismet has successfully organized great international events with Sanremo as its headquarters. Among the dozens of events organized over the years, the following are the most prestigious one:

  • First of all sanremoJunior – (15th edition in 2024). The only contest for soloist singers between the ages of 6 and 15, under the Official Patronage of the Comune di Sanremo. sanremoJunior is a prestigious event for quality and seriousness. There are countless world singing competitions but only sanremoJunior has those characteristics. With the slogan “sanremoJunior, win your future!” some finalists of past editions are already claiming in the international music world. SanremoJunior has proven the launch platform for many participants to famous popular competitions that has won both national and international finals of SanremoJunior, such as Destiny Chukunyere, who after winning the National Final in Malta and the Grand Prix at World Finals of sanremoJunior, later won the Malta National Finals and the
    International Finals of Eurovision Junior,as well as reaching the Britain Got Talent semi-finals and later represented Malta at “Eurovision Song Contest”. sanremoJunior creates great visibility to all the finalists who are invited as guests in television programs known in their own Country (43 Countries all over the world in these first 13th editions).
  • GEF – The World festival of Creativity in Schools – (25rd year in 2024). For groups of students from 5 to 19 years old. Sanremo’s yearly event and the most important one, for incoming, after the Italian Sing Festival, with thousands of hotel guests, with thousands of hotel presences, which brings an annual commercial induced for the Sanremo area estimated at over 500,000 euro.
  • sanremoSenior – (7th edition in 2023) a contest for “young at heart” singers and musicians, over 34.
  • International Female Volley Tournament “Città di Sanremo
  • Sports Festival
  • GiocoSanremo (PlaySanremo)
  • sanremoEXPOmusic – during the Festival della Canzone italiana of Sanremo 2011. A multifaceted musical and cultural event, at the center of which very rare and unique objects in the sector, worth over 650.000 euro were exhibited, “Comunicazione in mostra: da Guglielmo Marconi a Steve Jobs” (Communication on show: from Guglielmo Marconi to Steve Jobs). 33,644 visitors including Gianni Morandi the
    Sanremo Festival’s presenter, and one of Italy’s top personalities on the music scene.

Kismet has held collaborations all over Italy and in numerous foreign Countries, in each continent and, based on real data, the success of its current events is growing and continues to rise worldwide.