Conditions of entry

14th Edition

International Song Contest

for soloist singers - Pop, rock, jazz, folk and rap music 6 to 15 years olds

World Finals

Teatro Ariston di Sanremo
Sanremo, Teatro Ariston – May 3, 2023


General Eligibility Requirements

Art. 1

Kismet, a world known organization as  GEF – the World Festival of Creativity in Schools – is now also organizing the contest for soloist singers from 6 to 15, “sanremoJunior”, to spread and appreciate music and singing among young people, putting them in touch with professionals of the sector in an international and multi ethnic environment.

sanremoJunior” is also a window for visibility in the media, both nationally and internationally.

Art. 2

Participants must hold the nationality or documented citizenship of the nation they represent.

Participants must be between the ages of 6 and 15 

Participants intending to apply in the different sections for the 2023 edition must be in the required age range between the 1st of January and the 31st of December 2023.

The contest is divided into 3 sections A1/A2/A3:

CATEGORY A: Solo Singers

  • Pop music, rock, jazz, folk and rap    

A1. 6 to 9 year olds (born between  Jan. 1st 2017 and  Dec. 31st, 2014)

A2. 10 to 12 year olds (born between Jan. 1st, 2013 and Dec. 31st,  2011)

A3. 13 to 15 year olds (born between Jan. 1st, 2010 and Dec. 31st, 2008)

Each song may be presented in Italian, and/or any other language. If the language used is neither Italian nor English, an English translation of the lyrics must be supplied.

Both published and unpublished songs will be welcomed in the contest.

Contestants can only present one musical piece (with no harmonization or other vocals such as double voices or choirs) lasting no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds to be selected, and it must remain the same throughout  all further stages of the competition.

Art. 3

  • STEP 1 – deadline January the 15th , 2023: ON-LINE registration for all participants. The registration fee is € 50 (fifty) payable at   The registration fee is not refunded under any circumstance.
  • STEP 2 – by January the 20th, 2023: participants admitted to the World Finals in Sanremo (Finale Mondiale di Sanremo ) will receive a confirmation email.  
  • STEP 3 – by January the 31st 2023 participants selected for  STEP2 will have to follow instructions received (by  link) : they will upload the required documents and pay the € 390,00 (three hundred and ninety) registration fee for the World Finals on line.
  • STEP 4 – May 3rd, 2023 – World Finals: participants will perform live on May the 3rd, 2023, at the Ariston accompanied by the Orchestra sanremoJunior with 32 musicians.

Art. 4


Countries with National Selections – these are Countries where through an exclusive agreement with a local company – National Selections and National Finals of sanremoJunior will be held to select the participants that will represent the said country at the World Finals in Sanremo. Participants who will register online, will receive all instructions. Participants will be personally informed of their steps, as steps 1,2 & 3 will be different in Countries with National Selections. 

Promotional Countries – Countries where, in view of exclusive agreements with local companies for future editions, widespread direct marketing will be carried out to select the participant who will represent the nation at the Sanremo World Finals. 

Art. 5

STEP 1 – Exclusive ON-LINE registration for all participants 

No other registration is accepted

By 20 December 2022 participants must fill in the application forms, upload music, songs and pay € 50,00 for the online selection. The sum of 50 € will not be refunded in any case. Use the form at and no other. 

Payments using PayPal, credit and debit cards accepted. No other form of payment will be accepted. 

The songs uploaded can be either as video or audio files and will be examined by the sanremoJunior Selection Committee. The Committee will choose the participants admitted to the sanremoJunior World Finals.

The members of the sanremoJunior Selection Committee, at their sole and irrevocable discretion, will decide which participants are admitted to the sanremoJunior World Finals, without having to give any reason to either the admitted participants or those not admitted.


By 20 January 2023, participants admitted to the World Finals will receive an email giving access to a restricted area of the site via a private link in order to proceed with the next steps.


By 31 January 2023, in this “reserved area” of the site  participants admitted to the World Finals must complete the forms provided and upload the required materials. The forms and materials required must be filled in and uploaded only using the link provided, no material received by post, courier or email will be accepted. 

Using the link provided, fill in the forms and upload  scanned documents directly from a computer or laptop. Parents or legal guardians which must fill in and uploaded:

Only 1 song of maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds + the backing track recorded on 2 separate format mp3 with on both no trace of harmonization or other vocals such as double voices or choirs;

  1. The text for the song can be in Italian and or in any foreign language or any dialect. In the event of the language not being Italian nor English, present a text with translation into English or Italian.
  2. Entry form filled in and signed by parents or legal guardian.
  3. Copy of the participant’s identity-card.
  4. 1 passport sized photos.
  5. Copy of the parents or the legal guardian’s identity-cards.
  6. CV in Italian or English, max. 10 lines about the artist.
  7. Proof of payment of the admission fee.
  8. Forms about the privacy rules (EU n.679/2016)(GDPR), filled in and signed.
  9. TV Talent Release Form – permission to broadcast filming of participants, filled in and signed.

As a Finals step, to complete the application, Parents or Guardians must will have to pay, with the payment method that we will send them, the registration fee for the World Finals € 390.00 (three hundred and ninety) after bank costs, which in the event of cancellation will NOT be refunded.

 The registration fee for the World Finals (of which a percentage will be donated to Unicef) includes:

  1. Teatro Ariston with audio and lighting equipment
  2. Logistical and organisational support of Kismet, which has been operating internationally in the cultural, educational and artistic sector since 1977 
  3. Welcome Service 
  4. Rehearsals with the Orchestra
  5. Accompaniment by the Orchestra during the performance in the World Finals
  6. Rehearsal with orchestra supervised by our technical staff
  7. Jury of experts appointed by the sanremoJunior Committee
  8. SIAE  (European Music Copyright Organization) fee

All the participants of the World Finals will receive:

  1. sanremoJunior ” pass
  2. Badge and badge holder
  3. sanremoJunior ” Cap 


World Finals (live performances accompanied by the SanremoJunior Orchestra)

Only one participant will represent his/her country at the Sanremo World Finals, although the “sanremoJunior Committee” may, in rare and accounted for  cases, admit one or more additional participants to the World Finals at the Committee’s sole and Finals discretion. Participants in the World Finals will perform live, on 3 May 2023 at the Teatro Ariston of Sanremo, accompanied by the sanremoJunior Orchestra. 

Participants in the World Finals will be asked for the full score of the piece for the Conductor (full score) and the individual scores for the Orchestra (score). 

Competitors admitted to the Finals stages must provide everything necessary for the performance of the submitted piece.

At any stage of the competition, the judgement of the members of the sanremoJunior Jury is Finals  and un-appealable, without having to give any reason to either the admitted or non-admitted participants.

For technical/organisational reasons, the steps  of the present article may be modified at any time. 


On-line registration fee

Payments of €50.00 for the online selection and €390.00 for those admitted to the World Finals must be made exclusively via the payment form on the website. No other payment methods will be accepted.

Registration fee for the World Finals

The registration fee of € 390 net for the World Finals it must be paid with the payment method that we will communicate to the admitted participants.

Hotel Package

Those admitted to the World Finals will receive bank details and instructions for the payment of the hotel package during their stay in Sanremo, which shall be made exclusively by direct bank transfer. No other payment methods will be accepted.

Art. 7

Both published and unpublished pieces will be welcomed in the contest. For selection, all participants are obliged to present one piece that will be the same in all eventual following further selections and Finals.

Each piece will last maximum 3 minutes and 30 seconds and will be submitted as a recording in mp3 or Wave format.

In the application form must be clearly written: full name, title of the piece, genre, author, duration and clearly stated if it is an original piece or an arrangement, whether or not it was ever performed, etc.

Art. 8

No choreographies nor special lighting will be included, except for those which might be chosen by the organizers (their decision will be Finals) but that will have no bearing on the overall Panel decisions. Also choirs cannot be included.

Art. 9

During the selections and the World Finals in Sanremo a panel of expert judges by the Committee of sanremoJunior will select the prize winners. Valuation will be based not only on the usual technical and artistic criteria, (performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), but also on potential emerging both from the pieces performed and their performances. The Panel’s decisions are Finals and indisputable. 

Art. 10

Prize list – Sanremo, World Finalss

    • Grand Prix” “sanremoJunior ” to the absolute winner
    • “sanremoJunior Committee’s Award for the peace” to the Finalist chosen by the sanremoJunior Committee
  • “Orchestra Award Plaque sanremoJunior” the Finalist chosen by the orchestra musician
  • “Student Award Plaque sanremoJunior” the Finalist chosen by a group of students  
  • “Award Plaque sanremoJunior to the 1st and 2nd and 3rd classified of each section
  • Diploma Grand Finals “sanremoJunior ” to every other participant. 

Art. 11

Every contestant participating in the World Finals in Sanremo Italy, have to provide the orchestra with their song (arrangement) in full score. The organizing committee will ask for it later on.

Each Finalist must provide all equipment needed to perform with, of the musical piece selected by the Panel, the sheet music for the orchestra conductor (full score) as well as for the orchestra (score).

Rehearsals with Orchestra will take place just before the Contest of the World Finals in Sanremo, dates and time will be communicated at a later stage.

Art. 12

As sanremoJunior is the only competition for soloists aged 6 to 15 years under the Official Patronage of the City of Sanremo (Comune di Sanremo), the Committee of sanremoJunior can ask every participant to perform (not in competition) on a stage or stages around in Sanremo, or during the year on different dates and places. Technical specifications will be supplied at a later stage.

The Organization will provide professional audio and lighting equipment (technical specifications will be given at a later stage).

Art. 13

The Organization is not responsible for possible communication mistakes or delays at any stage of the contest.

Art. 14

Participants must be punctual on the day, at the place and time established and communicated previously by the organization or they will be excluded from the competition with no refund.

Art. 15

The texts in competition must not contain expressions which could be found offensive to common decency, and/or the State, Institutions, the Church, or any Religion.

Art. 16

During the performance, attitudes, clothes, movement or behaviour which could offend common decency, are not allowed. Moreover, it is compulsory for the participants to behave correctly according to the rules of public spirit during all stages of the contest and they must respect people and public property. In the case of any incorrect behaviour, the participant will be immediately disqualified.

Art. 17

All entrants taking part in the World Finals in Sanremo will undertake to pay for their own board and lodgings. For reasons of organization and event management, Finalists and accompanying adults, or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in sanremoJunior, will need to book through the organization of sanremoJunior choosing accommodation from the price list (on our site in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the Competition Finals.

Each participant admitted to the World Finals will receive a hotel booking-form from the booking organization outlining modes of payment which must be done exclusively by direct bank transfer. No other payment methods will be accepted. Early bookings to the Finals are highly recommended.


Via Escoffier 3A – 18038 Sanremo IM Italy

Beneficiary: KISMET S.R.L.

IBAN. IT13Y0538722700000047227787


Art. 18

Kismet, owner and organizer of sanremoJunior, reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event – in its entirety or in some of its phases – by any means (press, photography, radio, television, audiovisual, internet or other) as well as to combine the event with one or more initiatives of a promotional/advertising nature, without any obligation being owed and none of the participants having any claim whatsoever.

Art. 19 

For technical/organizational reasons the sanremoJunior programme may be subject to variations, which will in any case be promptly communicated to all those concerned.

Art. 20 

All material delivered will remain the property of Kismet, according to the uses permitted by law, and will not be returned. Kismet reserves the right to publish it or present it elsewhere, for the promotion and dissemination of the event, with nothing being due and none of the participants having any claim. 

Art. 21

All printed materials and trademarks are protected by Copyright, therefore their use and reproduction by any means is prohibited. Any use not expressly authorized will be prosecuted according to law. 

Art. 22 

The Organizing Committee, the Promoter Association and the technical organization Company are not responsible for accidents to people or things both during the outward journeys and throughout the duration of the event. 

Art. 23

Should a dispute arise the exclusive place of jurisdiction will be the Courts of Law in Sanremo – Imperia (Italy). The present regulation is entirely under the Italian law.

Art. 24

Anyone taking part in the event will have  read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and accepts  them unconditionally.

Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to the processing of all personal data supplied, according to EU n.6798/2016 (GDPR).

Those admitted to the World Finals will be able to download later from the site indicated in the link that we will communicate:

  • Entry Form
  • Information about the privacy according to UE n.6798/2016 (GDPR) and forms to be filled in
  • Tv talent release form (consent form)
  • Hotel accommodation prices